Lets wear flowers as jewelry       Photo by Yasin Hoşgör on Unsplash.

The story of how it all began...

The story begins with a little girl growing up running in flower fields, wearing flowers around her neck, wrist & her little fingers as jewelry and imagining herself as a fairy princess a wonderland. This is the story of every girl, we all have this little joyful princess inside us & we forget this part of ourselves when we grow up & get busy with life. This is what we were looking for, a joyful meaningful jewelry that rejuvenates our inside joyful fairy princesses. 

This is how fancifiesta was born, a flower-inspired jewelry shop that features exceptionally joyful jewelry inspired by nature's most fascinating flowers, animals, leaves, and phenomenon. Fancifiesta is not just a jewelry brand, it is a realization of our dream of providing the fashion world with a new trend that changes our understanding of beauty.

    Flowers are the fanciest jewelry             Photo by Bess Hamiti.


"Flowers are the Fanciest Jewelry in Life"

Flowers are the Fanciest jewelry in life, where joy is expressed in many colors & styles, where beauty has many shapes & not one shape. Flowers are the first jewelry in the life of every woman, we all grow up wearing them around our necks & fingers pretending them as jewelry. We dream of rejuvenating these joyful memories & let every woman rediscover her inner fairy princess.

Morning dewdrop ring by Fancifiesta

Our Jewelry Crafting & Designing

We work with a team of talented craftsmen who handpick mother nature's most precious gems & metals and transform them into jaw-dropping jewelry that will let you discover your inner fairy princess. We make sure that every jewelry piece thoughtfully designed, crafted with great skill, carefully checked for quality, packed carefully & delivered on time. Every jewelry piece is as unique as the person who wears it.

Morning Dewdrop Earrings by Fancifiesta

What you get when you buy our amazing jewelry?

You get a high commitment from a team whose sole goal is to draw a smile on your face by making sure that every jewelry is carefully checked for quality, packed with great care & delivered in a timely manner. Highly responsive customer service, reach us anytime anywhere, on any platform, Facebook, Instagram, through our live chat box on our website, or through our contact us page on our website. Moreover, you get Free shipping on any order & 30-day money-back guarantee
Let's Protect Nature from Degradation. 

Our Mission

Mother nature is our ultimate truth & only savior and her degradation affects us all. So out of our belief that we all responsible for protecting our nature for our children and grandchildren, we decided to donate a solid portion of our revenue to nature reserve organizations. Today, we are donating to Trees for the future, a non-profit organization that is on a mission to end hunger and poverty for smallholder farmers through revitalizing degraded lands & improves the quality of life for people in these regions. This is just the beginning, as our company grows we will continue to support more & more charities to make the change we dream to see in the world.