Morning dewdrop ring by FancifiestaOUR JEWELRY PHILOSOPHY

In nature, life is celebrated in many colors and shapes that are different yet exist in fascinating harmony. Butterflies flying, flowers blooming and birds singing with every sunshine. Being around nature is proven to lift our souls and inspire our minds which in turn can cause a great sense of peacefulness, wholeness, and happiness. These are the very things that every woman is seeking yet not every woman succeeds to attain. Every woman has a treasure inside her that if discovered would enrich her life with happiness, all we need is the proper inspiration. Everything we wear has an impact on our minds, souls, and bodies. So, we believe that wearing visualized-nature designs would rejuvenate our souls, minds, and bodies.       


All our jewelry is thoughtfully inspired by nature's most astonishing creations, handcrafted in our workshops with great skill by Earths most elegant metals and adorned by mother natures' most inspiring stones. Each jewelry piece is as unique as the person who wears it.


We dream that our jewelry will make you celebrate your unique essence and live the ultimate happy life you deserve. Our vision is to make you feel as unique as the flower you're wearing and never doubt your beauty and worth. We hope that our nature selected designs would make you experience harmony with yourself and everything in your life. 


We aim to Provide you with exceptional jewelry that will make a special addition to your jewelry box & showcase your uniqueness. We aim to have a powerful impact in the community by donating a solid portion of our revenue to worthy charities. 


if you have any questions, feel free to send us a message on our Instagram @fancifiesta or our Facebook page @Fancifiesta, chat with us through our live chat box, or email us at